Syrup Waffles or Stroopwafel, as it is known in Holland, is a unique type of cookie that has been around for centuries in its native country the Netherlands. It is a traditional daily treat for the Dutch and is mostly eaten with coffee or tea. The Syrup Waffle (Stroopwafel) is still sold and made the traditional way, at local open air markets using propane powered cast iron grills. As the delicious scent travels through the market, the customers line up with their mouths watering. We sell them in the giant 5 inch variety, our 3 inch waffles and mini waffles are sold in take home packs. You can put them on the top of your coffee cup so the syrup in the middle melts, yummy!

Did you know…. that every Dutchman eats about 20 stroopwafels a year!