Sugar Waffle

Sugar Waffles or Belgian Waffle, as it is known in the United States, is very popular in Holland and Belgium. This waffle is the most popular waffle around the world with a rich vanilla flavor and caramelized sugar coating on the outside. In the United States, Sugar Waffles are very popular as a sweet breakfast food. In Holland and Belgium Sugar Waffles are eaten as a casual snack. A delicious delicacy, something you can buy from a bakery or street stand. We sell our fresh and handmade Sugar Waffles in take home packs and directly from our plates. To experience the same flavor as directly from the plate, it is common use to warm the Sugar Waffle in the oven. In Holland we prefer to eat the waffle with confectioners, such as powdered sugar, icing sugar, fresh fruits and maybe spread with melted chocolate or thick whipped cream. You can also put ice cream on top of your waffle, so it will melts, mmm-delicious!

Did you now ….that Sugar Waffles are one of the oldest desserts.