How we make our Syrup Waffles?

The word “waffle” or “wafer” in English stems from the Dutch word Wafel and refers to the typical diamond-shaped pattern on the Syrup Waffle. Syrup Waffles recipes are generally guarded secrets that are passed down from parent to child, generation after generation. Good recipes are very difficult to find and even if a good recipe is found, there is a tremendous amount of specialized equipment needed to bake a proper Syrup Waffles. We started our search for the perfect recipe for Syrup Waffles in the place of their birth, Gouda and we found it in a little family run bakery. The family took us in and showed us how to make the original Syrup Waffle based on the original 1880 recipe so we can bring years of tradition directly to you. Without giving away too many of the family secrets this is how we make a Syrup Waffle. Our Syrup Waffle dough is made from flour, butter, sugar, yeast, secret spices and eggs. Medium sized balls of the dough are placed on the extremely hot waffle iron. When the waffle is baked for 60 seconds, and while it is still hot, it is cut in half. This looks difficult because the waffle is really thin, but the way the yeast in the dough creates a natural pocket inside the waffle so it is actually quite easy to cut them in half. Once the waffle has been sliced in half we take one half, and hold it over the syrup pot. With the syrup spatula, we spread the syrup over the waffle half and then put the other half on top. Our syrup is made from cooking syrup, brown sugar, butter and secret spices. “The Original Gouda Stroopwafels”