Who we are

Halo sweetness was founded by two world travelers who decide to leave their own country back in 1995 for an experience of life, sort of a cultural exchange. Fred left Holland and I Randall left Costa Rica to be part of a Kibbutz volunteer program in Israel. We developed a strong friendship, travel around and experience the independence and managing of our lives by ourselves in a young age.

Once we came back to our own countries, we kept in touch and we had the chance to visit each other with our families and during the periods of holidays we started of thinking on the way to tide up our friendship into a business relationship also that kept us in touch.

After traveling into Europe and as we all know when you try the food from a place you get to know a lot of a culture and people traditional matters. That was what happens when I first saw the Dutch Waffle; I could not forget the distinctive, tasty, sugary, crunchy and chewy feel of the Dutch Waffles.

We decide to bring the delicious authentic taste of the Dutch delicacies to Costa Rica, with our idea of business as a starting point. Always thinking in our families, principles encourage and of course, our friendship that tide it all.

On a trustful basics and knowing each other during almost 18 years in a different stages in our life’s, some of them good, some of them bad, we want to start this idea hoping that we can give people something special in a product that is really care treated and created with love.

Thanks to be part of our idea, we want you to enjoy our delicious products and services please write us at info @ halosweetness.com to tell us what you think of our products and services. Best regards, Fred and Randall